Monday, April 4, 2011

March books...

I have read many good books this month...

The Millennium trilogy aka :The girl with the dragon tattoo, The girl who played with fire and The girl who kicked the hornets nest.

I am not going to review those for 2 reasons:

1.If you haven't read them yet, you have been living under a rock for the past couple months and 2. most likely you have already read many reviews about them much better than ones I can provide. You dont need another one. Welcome ;)

But I am going to review the other 2 I have read because those are kind of obscure and not as popular but just as good.

The first is a book called "A knight in shinning Armor" by Jude Deveraux.

My bff is a major fan of Jude and have read pretty much everything about her, considering the obscene amount of hours we spend talking about books, her tastes have rubbed on me.
So I picked up this gem and was so glad I did.

The core of the book is pathetic rich girl gets dumped by major looser, girl falls in love with boy from 16th century, girl denies this love, they time travel and their love survives through centuries and etc...
The love story was great, the character were well thought out, the story flowed, all good things, but what made me really enjoy this book was when she compares medicine but most importantly motherhood from the 16th century to the 21st century.

I watch that show "Sister wives" and get a pang of jealousy. No I don't want to be in a marriage like that, and I am too jealous to share my husband, no, my pang of jealousy comes from the friendship they have and living with other people.
Right now my life is very lonely. All of my friends lives hundreds of miles away and my other half aka the hubby is thousands of miles away. His presence is so strong in my life, heart and house, when he leaves, there is this huge void, so big that makes me jealous of a polygamy relationship.

Back on track, the point is the author compares our lives today to the 16th century. No one was alone. You had so many servants in your castle, everyone had a job, no one had to handle everything alone. You didn't have to juggle a career, be a kick arse wife, be a wonderful cleaner, you just had to do your duty and be. No tv, no technology to disconnect you from your partner. None of that. She goes in depth even more.
I truly believe I was born in the wrong

So anyways pick it up and read it, you will enjoy it :)

The second book I am going to talk about is "A girl like you (Donovan Creed series)" by John Locke.

My first taste of John Locke was "Saving Rachel". It was 99cents had good reviews and even though its not my usual cup of tea, I decided to get it. It was 99 cents, there not much to think about it. Well I fell in love with it and then realized it was like the 4th one in the series. So I went back and read every single one that was part of the series back to back. They are all 99 cents and worth so much more.

Donovan Creed is a pompous, always right, ex CIA, current for hire killer. Its so much more though. His inner dialogue makes you agree with whatever insanity he is planning. He is funny also to boot. Funny in a rough edge kind of way. This latest one didnt disappoint at all. Its a Action, adventure, thriller, comedy, all wrapped up in a tiny adorable little package.

So please pick up this series, just make sure you dont start on it before bed time, or like me, you will stay up all night reading :)

Love A

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Am always looking for book recommendations--especially if they're 99 cents! Am heading to Amazon now!