Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Such a good book....

Sometimes a great book comes along that rocks your world. Well "Life as we knew it" has done that for me.

Its a dystopian novel geared towards YA. The protagonist is not whinny despite of the circumstances she has been throw into.

Miranda is a 16 yr old is worrying about boys and prom until an asteroid hits the moon and throws it off its axis. If you remember science class back in the 5th grade, you will know the moon controls the tides, so huge tsunamis hits everywhere, there is volcanic ash from the erupted volcanos that covers the sun. Electricity is scarce, survival is a must.

You know a book hits you so hard when after finishing reading, you are opening and closing your cabinets, wondering if you have enough canned veggies. Its written in diary format so easy to read, but a very dark novel. She goes in depth about how she feels her mom is eating less and so is she and her brother so her younger brother can survive longer. Kind of sacrificing themselves for him. Its a very raw look. At times I had to put it down because it really broke my heart.
I didn't like the ending because it didn't really end.

I read the 2nd one in the series called "The dead and the gone". Instead of being a second one in the series is more like a companion book. Same events but instead of being set in PA (always from the coastline) like "Life as we knew it" is, this one is set in NY and tells the story of Alex and his two sisters. Same event but it hits him completely different and he has to deal with a completely different set of problems than Miranda did in the first book.

The 3rd one is "This world we live in" is the last in the series and does answer a lot of questions that you had left from book 1 and 2.

So, if you are looking for something that will captivate you from beginning to end, pick this up.

Love A

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