Sunday, May 15, 2011

$200k ?? Nahh you can keep it...

This is how the conversation went...

Hubby: Babe I got offered a new contract..

Me: Okay...that is awesome. Tell me east coast..

Hubby: Not really

Me: well I am open minded I can deal with a lot of places..

Hubby: its in Pakistan

Me: No...hell no!!!

Hubby: but babe..

Me: hell no...don't even think about it..

Hubby: but babe is 200k for the year..

Me: Hell .....say what?? as in almost quarter of a million dollars?? uhhh...uhhh...

And that ladies and gentleman is how I became the first person I know to turn down 200k!!!

One thing you don't ask a woman with a deployed husband is if she is willing to have him gone longer than expected. Heck even a day late homecoming can be the end of the world.
If he had been home for 7 yrs driving me insane, I would have probably jumped at the opportunity but the fact he is deployed and I am missing him so much I cant say yes to. Also the major consideration is , its dangerous. No military base, nothing. He would be on his own. Not worth it at all, not to mention, even though I like to believe our marriage is strong, 2 years apart can really take a toll and I am not willing to risk it, even for that much. And that is not even counting what it would do to the kids.

Its just crazy how life twists and turns, last year in the middle of all our debt, I was willing to sell a kidney for 40k and a pinky for considerably less, yet now a year later, since we are out of debt completely (Gosh I cant get over how good that feels), we are turning away this much.

Hilarious though, is that I ask for the east coast of the US and someone offers Pakistan. Someone upstairs is having a laugh at So back to the drawing board we go, starting to stress because we haven't had any bites on his resume yet, probably paying someone to revamp it and hoping and praying. All we want is 40-50K in a job that he doesn't have to be gone for more than 1 month at a time. IS that too much to ask?? We just want stability and normalcy. No more extremely long separations.

So as this deployments nears its end (we still got a good 4 months to go, but I am looking at it as is almost over), the stress is starting to set in. I need to know where we are going, so hopefully we can start looking at buying our first home, signing up Tyler for preschool and just settling down for a bit and find boring, because boring sounds amazing right now.

We turned this job down and I feel good about it. Its not what we want right now in life, I just hope its the right decision.

Oh and don't worry about the uncontrollable sobbing sounds you are hearing right now, that is just my alter ego, you know, the one that is dreaming of absolutely no mortgage and a fendi purse to boot, crying her eyes out.

I will shut her up with a cupcake ;)

Love A


Our Traveling Circus said...

You are so right. No amount of money would voluntarily put my husband in Pakistan right now!!
My fingers are crossed that something great comes through for him. Something East Coast great!!

Ally said...

Right?? We have had to defend this decision so much. Afghanistan he is in a UN base. Completely different from where he would be in Pakistan, and while I believe when its your time, you will go at home or there, but I also think its stupid to jump in a shark tank drenched in blood hoping and praying they are vegetarian..:)

So thank you so much for the validation and prayers. I really think we made the right decision..i hope !!!

sanctimomious said...

Ugh, that sucks. :( I hope he gets something soon! Does he have any clearances?

Ally said...

Yeah he has secret clearance. Today we paid the money to have the resume done the correct way, so hopefully it will be the answer. Thank you for the support guys. Patience that everything will work out is not my