Friday, May 6, 2011

From dip to liquor and all in between...

It all started with a simple chat with the bestie. We were talking about dips and she mentioned that her favorite is cream cheese & chili, nuked on the microwave and eaten with Frito chips. Considering we have very similar taste buds (asides from a few oddities..she hates sea food. How we are still friends after 13 yrs I have no clue), I decided that sounded very good and since I never had before and had no plans for friday night, I was going to make this dip and watch a movie. I would have invited her, except 17 hrs is too far to drive just for dips and a movie.

Also, down the road they opened a new Total Wine. If you haven't been, picture a Walmart, but instead of the great value stuff and plastic toys, there is aisles and aisles of all kinds of liquor, wine and beer you could possibly want. On my way to pick up Tyler a lightbulb went on and I decided beer would go down so good with some chips and dip. A dangerous u-turn and I was on my way.

After loading Ju and her ugly baby (another post for another day) on the shopping cart, I started to browse. I was in awe. I have never seen such a vast selection in my life. From gallon size containers of margaritas to adorable little bottles of mudslide. This is just too much to take in.

Down by aisle 2 I see a wine tasting table. Ever since I discovered that not all wine tasted bitter like my fathers beloved porto, or cavity sweet like my aunts favorite white, I have had a love affair with wine. Finding the right one is a pain. I have drank so many $6 bottles of crappy wine,and after one too many headache my love affair was over and we went on no speaking terms for years.

I decided to stalk this wine tasting table for a bit. I acted extremely engrossed in a bottle of white chocolate vodka, while having my ears peaked up and listening to the other people stop by and begin their tasting. I noticed after a couple of tasting of different wines, everyone left with a bottle. Now my curiosity was piked, I was going to stand in line and participate in this wine tasting. With baby and baby's baby in town. Classy I know :)

As soon as the lady before me finished "oohhing and ahhhing" and grabbed 2 bottles and happilly skipped to the cashier, it was my turn.
I approached the lady, explained I broke up with wine a couple years ago because I could never find a good one, but that I missed it. After answering a few questions stating that I prefer red over white. I dont like porto and I would like to be able to drink a bottle without a necessary visit to the dentist.

She told me today was my lucky day. It was Italian wine day and how Italian wine is just what I am looking for, then she began to pour. I tasted the first and liked it but didnt like the after taste, I tasted 3 more and by then I was confused. I already had 2 that I had enjoyed so much but she wouldn't let me leave until I tasted them all because she said she wanted me to be extremely happy with my purchase and develop a brand new love affair for wine. I guess my "Oh this is good" face wasnt good enough.

After 2 more tasting I knew what she was talking about or maybe it was that I had already had what equals to a full glass of tasting on a empty stomach, but this one tasted divine. Just absolutely divine. It went down so smooth. Jackpot.

I grabbed a bottle and started browsing. Big mistake. I contained my self. I grabbed a 6 pack of Labatt blue beer and started walking back to the front of the store where the cashiers are located. Then I stumbled upon the aisles of vodka.

I sound like a kid in a candy store, I know. But either I was too poor and only knew about the very slim selection of Walmart and the Military class VI, or what. This aisle of vodka has rows and rows of shiny new vodka. Having always been a fan of Grey Goose or Absolut (no I cant drink pure vodka alone. I am not there yet ;)), I was shocked to see so many different brands and the difference in flavors?? I had heard of vanilla, and orange vodka. Well they have banana, peach, cranberry, pomegranate, mango, almond, chocolate, white mocha, coffee (can I substitute that for my coffee in the morning???), and so on. It was totally eye opening. I couldn't let this opportunity pass, I had to broaden my horizons, so a bottle of pomegranate vodka went into the cart. Okay this was it. I was going to pay for my beer, wine and vodka and leave.

2 steps before the cashier and I find this display of adorable mini bottles. A total marketing strategy. So many mini bottles of all different kinds of liquors and right before you are about to pay for your purchase. Being a huge fan of anything mini and knowing I am going to be drinking alone, and everything priced under $1. I was done for it before I even had a chance to process it. I grabbed a bottle of mini mudslide (that I enjoy once in a while and not in immense quantities, a little bottle of coconut something (I love anything coconut) and a little bottle of cranberry vodka.

Finally no more marketing strategies, I was able to walk to the cashier, pay for my purchases, and leave.

I must say the dip was absolutely delicious, the beer went down smooth, the movie was okay. I watched "Conviction" with Hillary Swank. I have a strong dislike of her ever since she ruined "PS I love you" for me. If I got over who was playing, it was an interesting movie. All in all a great night.

Now I must warn you, if you do decide to visit a liquor store soon, please share with me your favorites. I am always open to new ideas and need a little help to get me through the next million weekends I have left.
And please DON'T WORRY.Whenever I drink ,the only heavy machinery I operate is the remote, and the fork. I haven't hurt myself with those yet....knock on wood =)

Love A

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