Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy father's day....

Sometime in the late 80's there was a baby boy born. His parent loved him a lot, but it wasnt the right time for them to have a child. They accepted the blessing this child was and held on trying to make the best of it. Not too much later, their relationship fell apart. The mother now pregnant with the 2nd child, packed her up her little boy and went to live in another state closer to family.

The little boy continued on growing while the mother battled her own demons. The next couple of years brought a lot of pain, hurt, and situations that left deep scars on that boys heart. Many tears were shed. Mommy was gone, daddy had been long gone, grandmother did the best she could. Just got to believe it wasnt their intention to hurt such a precious little child.

Mother finished battling her demons, and came back. They packed up and moved to FL with a brand new daddy. Now the broken family had finally become a family of 4. That little boy learned to love this man that his mother loved, and he became someone this little boy could look up to. This man wasnt perfect, but who is?? This was good enough and way better than nothing.

The little boy, grew and grew and grew. He shed many skins that represented years of hurt and pain, and he only kept the colors that he liked, anything else that was tainted was shed. He learned the immense power it takes to forgive and now his ol daddy, got welcomed back in his life.

This little boy, now a man, found a woman to love, and love her, he did, so tender and so well he ended up saving her life.

He was so kind to so many friends and touched so many of their lives, he has no idea how. He is extremely modest and doesn't realize the burst of happiness and sunshine he leaves everywhere he goes.

Towards the end of 2006, he became a father. His first father's day, he wasnt around for his son, he was fighting a greater cause. But dont worry, by the time he got home, he took it up to fatherhood like a pro.

Again in early 2009 he became a father, to a little girl this time. Oh how he loved her. So many times he mentioned to me how he felt his heart was going to burst at the seams with so much love.

This little boy with no father, then a stand in father, has grown up to be one of the best father's around. How he has accomplished something with no example or training leaves me in awe, day after day.

He is truly an amazing man who has done extraordinary with very little.

We love him, I am lucky to call him husband and my children are blessed beyond their imagination to call him dad.

We love you boo. So so much. Thank you doesnt even begin to cover it!!!!

Love A


Teddy said...

Thank you sooo much Bebe ......PS...i am crying.. :)

Our Traveling Circus said...

What a sweet post. Your hubby sounds like a stand-up guy!