Saturday, June 18, 2011

"I dont have to do anything??? Sign me up...:)

Weekends are my worst. I have mentioned it many times.

This weekend is a short one. Tomorrow is father's day. We will spend the whole day at the grandparents, one less day for me to come up with something to do with these kids. Always a plus.

So yesterday night, I sat on the computer for my friday night ritual, of a glass of vodka cranberry (the beginning of the deployment was wine. I have upgraded ;) ) , a paper view movie, and my computer on searching for things to do with kids in the area. I have already done museums, splash pads, inflatable lands, the beach, the pool, and if I see another zoo again I might just upgrade to a glass of gasoline.

Since the forecast showed a high of 98 I decided it either had to be water or indoor. I didnt want to do another water play, I just want to check in a spa and get a massage, hot stones, acupuncture, hair cut, or any other form of pampering, but the kids wont agree to that so I am left scrambling to look for another kid friendly place. After lots of searching I found a indoor playground about 30 minutes north of us. To find this place I had to be creative in my search. Just searching indoor playground didnt yeld anything. Searching for playgrounds alone did the trick. Go figure!

Anyways, we left the house bright and early, did all of our errands in record time and with everyone on their best behaviors, just the thought of going to a indoor playground and not getting to play at all makes everyone act like angels.

We got there, ate and let them loose. What a great find this place is. Its called A Latte fun. They have a kick arse cafe with pretty expensive but healthy food, a delicious raspberry iced latte that I indulged in twice, and a huge indoor play area. Everything from a bouncy thing on the floor just like a trampolin, a huge slide that empties into a ball pit, a big section with all kids of ride on toys, puzzles, kitchens, books, dress up area full of costumes, and everything in between. There is every single kind of toy to make a child happy.
For $15 cover fee and some socks, you get to plop down your plump ass into one of the comfy couches that lines the wall and let the children loose. There are so many employees running around making sure every child is happy and have someone to play with that they dont even remember who mommy is.

I sipped on my latte, read almost 60% of my book and had a grand old time. There was a point in which Ju was getting tired and climbed on my lap, this girl that works there, came over talked to her and invited her to play barbies. I have never seen my baby scramble out of my lap so fast. It bought me another hour of bliss.

By the time Ju came back and was getting cranky, it was time to leave, I looked up at the clock and it was 4pm.

Holly crap. We have been here for 4:30 hrs. No wonder she is cranky. Her nap is at 1 or The peace and quiet and moments of bliss went too fast, but it was so worth it.

In case you are ever looking for me from now until Sept, if its a saturday, check out A Latte fun. That is where I will be :)

Love A

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Our Traveling Circus said...

That looks like pure heaven! So glad you got to relax a bit while the kids had some fun! $15 is a bargain when your sanity is at stake, right?

Hope these next 3 months fly by!!