Saturday, July 16, 2011

The progression of Friday nights.....

Friday night when you are 13:

-Sleepover..Oh yeah! Lets crank call people, call our crush and then hang up, stay up all night, giggling and watching 16 candles over and over again.

Friday night when you are 18:

-Coed party. Sneaking beer, making sure there is no cop around, making out with your so cute- totally-perfect-going to- be-together-forever-boyfriend until late hrs of the night.

Friday night when you are 21:

-Praying you are not the DD, hottest club in town, one too many fruity drink, dancing like there is no tomorrow, stumbling into the car with your friends just laughing and having a good old time, trying to decide who you will call tomorrow from all the numbers you collect or praying there is no coyote ugly in the morning if you go home with a guy.

Friday night somewhere in your mid/late 20'

-OMG we finally got this child to go to sleep. Lets cuddle and watch that movie that came out 6 months ago so we can finally be able to talk about it with our friends.

Friday night when you are 30

-The grandparents are taking the kids for the night. OMG OMG what are we going to do with ourself?? I don't know but I love the peace and quiet. Love it. Oh lets go to a club?? No we too old. Lets cuddle and watch a movie then? nah we did that last night. Okay lets have a beer and talk until 3am about the adorable things the kids have done. Sounds awesome ;)

Love A