Friday, July 8, 2011

No will power----no problemo

I have no will power. None. Dh is extremely afraid of me ever meeting Wentworth Miller because he knows I will just go with him and be like "Husband who?? Kids who??"

What I do have is a sweet soul. Most people have a sweet tooth. My whole soul is sweet. My day is not complete without a piece of something yummy. I feel off balance and usually fix that by making out with the ben and jerrys or chocolates of the world.

While dieting, no will power and a sweet soul is a recipe for disaster. You can't eat healthy until 7pm, and then dive into a whole container of Ben and Jerry's (and don't you just love your skinny friends that will say "OMG I cant eat a whole container of B&J's, I will get sick")

Well ladies and gentleman this is why they are skinny and I am not. I can totally eat a whole container if the mood is all out of whack and I just feel like it without getting a tummy ache O.o

I know I know, shameful. So anyways, while dieting I race past the B&J's and Milanos and go on a search for something just as good that will cure that sweet soul because remember, I don't have much will power to just say no. I have enough will power to say no to the really bad and yes to the replacement IF the replacement is pretty good.

Well I have finally found some good replacements. The 5lbs that have come out of my a$$ will prove that.

Maybe you are also looking for something so here it is:

I have never been a fan of rice cakes, but when I saw these for 90 calories a whole packet it intrigued me. Well if I had to describe crack to a fattie, this is how I would describe it. These are to die for, so so good I have to be careful because eating 2-3 bags would kind of miss the whole point of it. But even if I splurge on 2-3 bags, it will still come out to less calories than my beloved Milanos. So therefore its not a huge blow. They dont have after taste and are just yummy. Give them a try. They also come in caramel and mint.

2nd runner up is this ice cream. I have tried pretty much every single low calorie ice cream in the market today and 99% of them tastes like fake cardboard rubbed on skunk. They are nasty with a chemical taste and a horrible aftertaste. Not normal. Well these pretties are not. I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but with the raspberry and not the overwhelming taste of dark chocolate works here. I can have one after dinner and be totally happy. Good stuff.

Now for the salty stuff. Every once in a while I will crave something salty. Not a lot of times but I will. Well these next 2 guys works for that.

The rice cake ranch are so good, I haven't grabbed a bag of chips or pretzels in almost a year. I have no desire to. These are better. 17 of these, with a 100 calorie bagel with some lunch meat makes it for a fulfilling lunch.

The special K crackers are very good too. With some hummus I have felt like I died and went to heaven a million times over. I even got my kids hooked on them.

So next time you are struggling with a sweet tooth and will power, give these a try. You wont be sorry :)

Love A

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