Friday, July 8, 2011

Is there a Dr House around? Please....

My son is a very very healthy child. My daughter is more prone to colds, but not Tyler. I can count on one hand the time he has been sick and you know when he is sick. He is so hyper always on the go go, that if he is sick he is lethargic, not asking 100's of questions, just laying on the couch and watching tv. He doesn't jump, run or play. Dh and i have joked he is like a toy with its batteries dying when he is sick. You can tell, its like night and day.

Latetly he has this cough. I will put him to bed at 8 by 11pm he will start coughing. It will last about 40-50 minutes and then he will be fine. Most of the time it wont even wake him up. I give him a tablespoon of honey and by the next morning he is absolutely fine. No fever no nothing. He will do this for a night or two, then be fine for 5 nights, then start again. There is really no pattern. Sometimes he will do it for 2 nights and not again until the 7th night, sometimes he will go weeks without coughing.

Lat night, it was 11pm, I was still up watching Criminal Minds reruns and I hear him, he is coming down the stairs and coughing this dry horrible cough. He has never sounded like this before. I am thinking he is stopping breathing. He is coughing coughing coughing after taking a few deep breaths and realizing he is not having an allergic reaction, that his airways is not constricted, I give him something to drink and then he can actually talk. He tells me his throat hurts a bit and that he doesnt like the cough. I give him some honey, something to drink and sit him in the couch to watch him and debate about if I should go to the er or not. The prospect of dragging 2 kids to a south florida er at midnight is depressing. E.R's here are always packed and it takes a long time no matter what. I decide to ride out the night and go see the ped 1st thing in the morning.

I take him to bed with me and he is coughing less frequent but still the same horrible dry sound. He ends up falling asleep and I end up getting only 3 hrs. Not only is his cough waking me up, my son thinks he is an UFC fighter when he is sleeping. Waking up with a bruised rib or leg is not uncommon after sharing a bed with him.

This morning, he is perfectly fine. Running around, jumping around, no fever nothing talking a mile a minute. Great!!!

I decide to take him to the peds anyways because the sound of that cough last night scared me.

I call grab their first appointment of the day and go. I love the pediatrician they see. They have always been extremely nice, recommended me Juliet's ophtamologist, the one that did her surgery, always treat her and him very very good and always asks about dh. Sweet sweet people.

Well he listens to my concerns, listens to his lungs, look into his ears, look into his nose and throat and diagnose me as insane. He didn't really say that, but I know he was thinking it. If I wasn't there last night I would think the same thing.

His tonsils is swollen a bit but there is absolutely nothing wrong with Tyler. Uhhh!! At this point I wished for a tiny second he could projectile vomiting just so I could get some validation and say...look I am not insane. But of course that didn't happen.

I wanted to scream...: Look dragging 2 kids to a pediatrician is not my idea of fun I promise. I am normal but there is something wrong with him, you might not be able to tell but that sound last night is not normal.

The doctor said it might be viral but he is not sure, he prescribed steroids for 3 days and sent me on my way.

I paid our copay and broke down in the car. I am not crazy, this is not normal, something is wrong. I don't think something is major but something is not right. Now I am kicking myself because I should have taken him to the ER last night. Maybe just maybe they would have seen I am not insane.

I am lacking sleep and just feeling like a failure. Talking to my mom she thinks its allergy, my bff thinks its croup and I just had no idea. I am going to keep an eye on everything he eats and go google croup to find out if I need vaporizer, dehumidifier, humidifier for their room.

I hope and pray everything gets better. He is running around, jumping around and being his normal self like last night didn't happen. Maybe with my lack of sleep I imagined it?? I don't know anymore.

I just hope the next 2 1/2 months fly by because I am at a loss for everything...

Love A


Sundee said...

You are not a horrible mom, and this scenario has happened to all of us at one time or another (I love how the people at the doctor's office all think that we love dragging our kids and all their stuff to their office for the "fun" of it). Anyway, if you can get your hands on it, get some Hyland's Cough Syrup with Honey. I know you can get it at Whole Foods if there is one near you. It was the only thing that helped when Wesley had croup, it is awesome stuff. I hope he feels better soon!

Ally said...

I had no clue hyland made anything asides from teething tablets (which I am a huge fan of). I will definitely check it out. Thank you xo