Thursday, July 14, 2011

So deceiving...

You see this little face? This adorable angelic face??
Well don't let her deceive you. Juju is turning out to be a handful. She was in time out 3 times last night for beating her brother, she will spill everything that she finds including half a bag of sugar I left in the counter today. She will drag her little chair all over the house, climb and get into mischief. Wipes are her favorite thing. You leave a box around, she will pull every single one and be so proud of herself.
She is the type of child that after you get her dressed up, get done fixing her hair and turn around for 2 seconds, she will always find a puddle and jump on it. This child has the ability to find a little puddle of water in the dessert.
and I blame it all on her grandfather.
When she was born, she was the sweetest thing. Came home sleeping through the night, was very cuddly, loved attention, and only had eyes for her brother. Just a sweet little thing.
My dad out of nowhere started saying.."OH this one is going to be trouble".

We all laughed and thought he was insane. Ty is the apple of his eyes, and when Ty was born not sleeping through the night, causing chaos everywhere he went, a mile a minute child, papa didn't say anything about it. How the heck can he say this about Ju?? About this child that is just a little angel and doesn't do anything bad but lay there and cuddle and love everyone??

Well lesson learned. Never underestimate the power of the tongue. Her change didn't start overnight, it has been slowly coming. Now its at full force. She will hit her brother, push around bigger in the playground, and keep me on my toes.

She doesn't like talking. Nope that is not her thing, except of course, when to either call us a Bad girl , baby chacha (her brother one day said the kids that were bad are called baby chacha's. Just hearing it once struck a chord with Ju, and it has become her favorite insult when she is mad), and my favorite "bad papa". Whenever he is teasing her or joking around with her, she will stop, scrunch up her lips and say :"BAD PAPA" while waving her little hand, full of attitude.

While trying very hard to suppress our laughter, we end up correcting her and putting her in time out or telling her to say sorry. And while she runs extremely hot, dont dare cross her, she is the first to hand out apologies, and kisses. She is the first to lay down on the couch right next to you and just cuddle the day away.

When her brother is sick, she will lay there, pat him on the head and repeat over and over "shhhh baby shhhh". Anytime we sit down on the couch, she will sit right next to us, pat her lap and expect us to lay on her lap and boy , you better comply, or she will smack you, call you a baby girl/baby chacha and stomp her little feet away.

Oh yeahh this one is going to be a handful. Thanks dad ;)

Love A


Our Traveling Circus said...

The cutest ones are always the most trouble!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh but she is so cute - those curls!