Monday, November 21, 2011

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

You are reading the title and going "huhn??

Well that was me before I found out what it was, and now I am calling it a lifesaving solution.

I won't bore you with the details. Later on I will make a tab talking about it, but just know I am another fat girl battling obesity since high school. Not that different from thousands others all over the world. I have had enough and decided I am going to have weight loss surgery.

There is 3 common types of weight loss surgery :

1. Roux en Y also know as the Gastric Bypass.

2. The lap band

3. The Vertical Sleeve.

The gastric bypass is divides the stomach into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower "remnant" pouch and then re-arranges the small intestine to allow both pouches to stay connected to it. There is various issues with it because of dumping (throwing up) and nutrition absorption. I don't know one person that have had it and had no problems with it. I went against that because I want a better quality of life. Not more issues.

The lap band doesn't really work. Its a band that goes around your stomach and requires fills and upkeeps and can easily slip.

The vertical sleeve they go in laparoscopy, cut 80% out of your stomach, gives you 3 rows of titanium staples and you are done. No rearranging of anything, no problems with nutrition absorption, no upkeeps, no fills. Nothing.

and now you have learned more about weight loss surgery than you care to. Sorry. I promise I won't flood my blog with this. I do want to share with others what I am going to go through, so every so often I will make a post about it.

I decided to have this surgery done in Mexico for various reasons that later I will go on more in depth about it.

I just wanted to let everyone know what is going on and if everything goes according to plan, on the 28th I fly to San Diego, on the 29th I have my surgery in Tijuana and start my new life.

I am more than glad to answer any questions anyone might have and any comments about it. The world is full of different opinions and while I have been flooded with support, I have heard some nasty things also. Not a problem, I expected worse, so I am happy that for every negative comment I get, I receive 10 good ones. It all evens out in the end.

Anyways that is that.

Love A


Our Traveling Circus said...

Suerte, Ally! Sounds like you've done your research and are more than ready!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Did you research into having it done in Mexico near here? I wouldn't go into Juarez but there are some great doctors our family uses in Palomas near Deming (about 1.5 hours from El Paso) Might save you the trouble of traveling too far.

Good luck!

Ally said...

Thank you thank you and I tried Sarah but the doctors over in Palomas weren't as used as the doc I found in Tijuana. The one I found hundreds of people has gone to him, the one in Palomas I found, only 3 people had gone to him, so I decided to suck up on the travel cost and go with the more popular/more skilled one. Thank you though.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! If you don't mind my asking how much does it cost in Mexico? I've been looking into it in the US but never thought of Mexico and I'd love to just pay for it instead of jumping through hoops with the insurance company. If that's too person please just ignore me!

Tanya said...

Congrats! I had gastric done in 2008 and 130 lbs later. It was the best choice I ever made. Besides it gave me my two babies. Biggest thing no matter how strong you think you are seriously look into the support systems to deal with all the changes. I never thought I would go through some of the things I did and wished I would have used the support systems.