Sunday, November 27, 2011

House tour. Make yourself at home!!

I have moved more than a month ago, but just now the husband stopped home long enough for me to put him to work, and this past couple days have been used putting up pictures, fixing holes in the wall his wife made, some complains but lots of smiles and finally seeing the transformation from a house we are just passing through to a home.

So lets do the tour. It's not done, his todo list and my project list is still humungous, but its good enough for now.

Come on it :

Still searching for the perfect Christmas mat for the front door and still waiting on the husband to hang the lights.

Ignore the pantless baby. Pants is optional lately. Also why the lovely husband decided to pile the stockings on the left side instead of spread them out is beyond me. I love my stockings though. There is still more going on the mantle in terms of crafts and decorations but everything is put on hold for now.

Some more pinterest projects that will be posted later on about.

To the right is my bedroom. See that bedroom set? It use to be brown. 3 tutorials, 10 cans of spray paint, a heavy duty sander, some bubbles here and there, countless trips to Home Depot is now black and I am so happy. There is still a bookcase that I am searching for that will need to go there just to hold yearbooks and the printer. The curtain forget about it. I have no clue what color I want, so until I decide, it will be sans curtain.

My kitchen next. If I were to buy this house, I would totally knock down that wall and make it an open floor plan, but thank God we won't be here long enough to buy.

Behind the kitchen is my dining room that is also open to the living room

Down the hall to the left of the front door, there is dd room. Its not done at all. I have a lot of plans in terms of art in the wall. Her curtain is just on wait for a decent rod. But I did, I sew her curtains. Crooked and beautiful ;)
Unfortunately the walls will have to stay the same color. I drew asshole landlords. Aren't I lucky.

There is a bathroom in between both rooms and then ds's room. He got lucky. Its a huge room and with plenty of space for him to play, and make mess. A ledge shelf bookcase will go on that left corner. Just waiting for me to come back and instruct the hubby.

and of course a picture of the children on Thanksgiving. Lately they been difficult telling me no more pictures and making mean faces. MEMORIES CHILDREN MEMORIES. I need these pictures. Why don't they get that?? lol

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the tour, and if you are around these parts, knock on the door, I would love to have you.

Much love A

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