Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I been up to???

Knocking down pins. No, I don't bowl. Pins from Pinterest ;)

This yarn tree:


became this :

These were so easy to make, I made 3 and want to make more. Wonder if mommy would like some?? lol

Then this spy game for the kids:

Spy Kit

became this :

I wish I could find that bottle. It seems clear and less cloudy. Oh well!I highly suggest everyone making these. Its an easy project for the kids, they had a blast doing and have been playing for a long time. I hit a sale @ Hobby Lobby and got so many little santas, and trees, and tools. All kinds of things. They will actually sit there for hours shaking it trying to find something than come and show me all excited and my kids don't know how to sit still. So this is truly a miracle.

Then this


became this :

Its not perfect by any means but I am really happy with the way it turned out. Instead of doing same size pictures, I chose to do a couple different size ones.
You see, the 1st year is my favorite. I love children from birth to 1. If they never grew up, I would have a bunch, but they do and they talk back, so I like to have their 1st year pictures up where I can see and easy reminder not to strangle them. So I started at birth and ended with 1st birthday for each child.

I still have a ton more to finish and show like "wanna be" professional lined curtains for dd room and homemade snow globes.

I promise as soon as I am not feeling like death wash over with this nasty cold I got, and the husband gets home to lend a hand, I will share.

Much love


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