Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am eating ice cream for lunch..

and I like it :)

After the weight loss surgery, I need to consume anywhere between 50-70 grams of protein. Since we can't eat that much, protein shakes are the fall back. If I had to drink one more protein shake I was going to shoot myself.

Thank God I am married to a wonderful man who had the bright idea of adding a scoop of protein to my greek yogurt. It became a chocolate pudding and life was better.

Life got even better when I stumbled upon theworldaccordingtoeggface blog. Yeah weird name, but she is the top chef of weight loss recipes. She had the gastric bypass, lost hundreds of pounds and did it eating well. She posted this recipe :

This should be illegal!!

Say what?? I don't have to down another protein shake, can eat ice cream for lunch without guilt?? OH you are my new hero.

Santa delivered an ice cream maker attachment for my kitchen aid and I got down to work. I still need to perfect the method but its absolutely delicious.

So yep, I am eating ice cream for lunch and life couldn't get any better :)

Also, after much pleading from the husband, I took a current picture and I guess he is right, 1 month and 17lbs does make a difference.


Now please ignore the craze look and the chapped lips. No amount of carmax can fix my lips in the winter and ignore the fact I am computer stupid and can't figure out how to make the picture smaller.

Love A

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Holly said...

You are beautiful as always A!!