Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ti's the season

I love Christmas. Love it. Its my absolutely favorite time of the year. I love the crowds, the hot chocolate, the decorations, buying presents, tinsel, mistletoe almost everything except the weather. You see growing up in the southern hemisphere, Christmas comes smack dab in the middle of the summer and nothing screams Christmas more than sitting in a beach in 90 weather drinking caipirinha and eating fried fish. Ahh the good old days!!

When we moved to Florida it was considered winter except S Florida winter is a joke. More like fall. Texas wasn't that bad, a couple of chilly days here and there. Our first real Christmas movie experience came when we were in N Carolina. 3-4' of snow on the ground before, during and after Christmas. I sled for the first time 7 months pregnant at the ripe young age of 27. It wasn't bad, just different. I enjoyed boots and sweaters and scarfs.

This year El Paso is constant nippy weather. We don't have inches and inches of snow, but its been low 40's for a while now. My children now own a down jacket, gloves and hats that I just We also lit the fireplace and have plans on drinking hot chocolate and just enjoying it.

Right before surgery I decorated the house and bought almost every present I needed to because I knew I wasn't going to be feeling it up to.

Well I came back in town Friday and by Saturday 4 days post op I was itching to do all the fun Christmas stuff I do every year. The cold weather didn't deter me. I dragged everyone downtown for the annual tree lighting and parade, spent a ridiculous amount of money on 2 light up swords that they broke less than 24 hours later, took some sips of my husband's hot chocolate and felt the beginning of frostbite, but the excitement on my childrens face when that fire department came, was it all worth it. Besides the docs told me to walk, walk, walk. They pump you with so much gas, you got to walk it out to release so it was all worth it.

But no that wasn't enough Christmas yet. Today I dressed both children up in their hand picked outfit that I have obsessed over for months just for this special occasion (Christmas outfits are a big deal around here ;)) sat them in front of the tree and took some pictures. Uploaded and now cards are ordered and they will go out this week. That has to be a new record for us.

Still feeling the spirit, I figured they are dressed up why not. We ate a yummy soup to warm out bellies and protect us against the cold that is outside. We fought the crowds paid an insane amount of money that I complain about every year, but still do it every year, and sat them on Santa's lap. Bribed them with many ponies and cookies and got our yearly Christmas photo with Santa.

and now I am It was a wonderful couple days and totally worth it. For the rest of the day I will sit in my couch, in my comfy jammies, while the husband deals with dinner, baths and etc, and I will gaze at our Santa Pictures through the years and just enjoy this season.

Santa Picture 2011:

Sneak peak of Christmas cards :

Much Love A


Sarah said...

Love the Christmas card pictures! I sure do hope the weather decides what it wants to do here, this is unusual for the area. Usually we have a few days of cold and then it warms right up. My parents 'move' here for the month of January and get a good round of golf in everyday!

Hope your recovery is going well!

Our Traveling Circus said...

Glad you're back and the recovery is going well.
The Christmas outfits are really cute, I know with T, half the battle is just getting said clothing ON him!! :)