Friday, July 18, 2008


JUne 14th...

Yes I am backdating this because I havent blogged and its not for lack of things to say. Its just for lack of time. So I am backdating to split it up and not make such a confusion and one long rambling. It might still be a long rambling but you get my

Okay so Scotty had a 4 day weekend (Friday through Tuesday) off. He had comp days for his birthday and comp days for last weekend when he was supossed to work at the 4th of July festival but never ended up working. Anytime he talks about getting out of the Army I remind him how many days off he gets and he shuts right up!!!
So this weekend we were supossed to go to the pool but never made it. We had to wait until Tylers nap and then by the afternoon we were just doing other things and decided against. ITs sad that my schedule has to revolve around my kids nap, but have you ever dealt with a toddler that hasnt had a nap??Holly crap. Makes me want to rip my own uterus out. They get soo overtired, whine and fight sleep. Fark that. I will gladdly work around his nap.
SO we didnt go to the pool but we watched lots of movies and played MOnopoly. I hate MOnopoly but since my husband likes it so much I give in and play with him. I anihalate(sp) his arse every single time but yet he comes back for more. Not the brightest crayon in the box I tell you :) JUst joking I love him and he knows but he sucks at most
Also this weekend I made Calzones. It was my first time making them and they came out ugly as hell but ohh soo delicious. It will definetly be a menu item now. There is so many different ways you can make them. The options are endless. The reason there isnt a picture is because they came out ugly.

I also made a cheesecake. I think by the time I am 50 I will have learned to make a rocking cheesecake. I mean first I had to google and research what the fark a bain marie means because I never even heard the term before. Then I had to go look at my pans and decide which one would be best. I was going to do the recipe I found for cheesecake in the crockpot but decided I want to be Suzie homemaker and make the real thing. Yeahh it farking cracked. I was soo upset. I mean I did everything absolutly right. I didn overbeat it, didnt open the oven (yeahh Scotty were warned that if he opened that oven he would loose a testicle and I kept a very close eye on him) and I left in the oven to cool. Why it craked I have no clue. I really think I need to buy a spring form pan. But anyways after being really upset finally some friends put me in place and told me that I am no chef. So all it matters right now s that it comes out tasting good. With practice looks will come. I decided they were right and therefore will be proud of myself of how far I have come.
BUt I still wont post a picture until its pretty :):)

Love A

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