Friday, July 25, 2008


Dang I cant believe its been a week since I posted. Latetly i feel so disconected with times its insane.

Well this week we finally got the tickets and got that worked out. Me, Scotty and Tyler leave to go to Brazil Aug 28th and dont get back until Sept 15th. We are flying out of the closer airport so that is awesome. Scotty's friend will drive us there and drive our car back so we dont have to pay parking. My friend will watch my dog adn they will check in on my house. Everything is working out. Now all we need is to buy suitcases and figure out how much we can take and how much to pack. Also Scotty needs a visa so we will get that next month for him.
This month will also be spent shopping. Buying stuff for my family and to take on the trip. Finally I have something interesting to do :)

Ohh I do have to share. Everyone knows I am a handbag whore. On Wed I went to lunch with the Hoodies girls. After lunch we decided to go next door to Ross to find luggage. I didnt found luggage but I found a Kathy Van Zeeland marked down from $98 to only $39. Omg I had to get it. I called Scotty and promised him naughty things in order for him let me get it because when I got my Guess he said that was the last handbag for a while. Well he caved and let me get it. I am soo happy. I was on cloud 10 all day :)
Afterwards we went to the mall to look around at JcPenney and get some coffee. It was a fun day. Tyler was at daycare so it was just me hanging out with the girls. How rejuvenating it was. I had a kick arse day. I was in desperate need of a break.
Also that night we watched "the bank job" with Jason Steadham. Such a good movie. He is a hottie and the movie rocked. Highly reccomend it.
So that was my wonderful day.

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