Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving along....

slowly as a turtle but still going fowards :). I havent blogged because not much has happened. Last weekend we went to a friends house for a bbq and ended up getting home after 1 am because at 9 the guys started watching the UFC fight. I had a good time. There were 2 pregos there so we were talking about that.
This week I had a potluck on thursday at another hoodies house and we had an amazing time. I met Kristen a while ago but just now we really started hanging out. We went to the water park, she came over to the house for the bbq and now we went to her house. Scotty and her husband really get along and she is awesome with Tyler and doesnt mind his tantrums here and there so that is great. Scotty went to the potluck because he thought her hubby was going to be there but he wasnt he had duty. But in the end he had a good time. The girls picked on him and included him in the conversation. I made peanut butter brownies and they actually came out okay. Cooking for others can cause me
Tyler was all hyped up and didnt pass out until we left 10:30 pm. But he was playing with the other little boys and taking away the toys. I sounded like a broken record.."Ty share. Ty give it back. No ty ty." Aye Aye Aye..
Also one of the girls there had this adorable tote that she is using as a diaper bag. I had to ask because I had seen one like that and its a coture diaper bag for like $300 bucks. When she informed me she got at Walgreen's for $2.50 I wanted to jump up and kiss I just couldnt believe it. So of course when we left the potluck I had to stop by walgreens. Sure enough..2 for $5. I was soo happy. I got the black polka dot one and a cute pink one with flowers. I am soo happy so 'THANK YOU SOO MUCH ANGIE AND JUDY!!!".
That was the highlight of my week. This weekend Scotty got a couple of comp days so he has a 4 day weekend. I have no clue what we are going to do. Its hot and I am pregnant cranky so we will see.
I am making a cheesecake tonight so next time I promise I will post pictures of that one if it comes out okay.

Hope everyone is okay and not too hot.


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