Friday, July 18, 2008

Can I go back to bed please??

July 17th..

Well actually no. DOnt let me go back to bed. My day went downhill because of that.
Lets talk about yesterday first so I can set up the picture for you to understand.
Scotty got off work at noon, went to donate and then he was home by 3. We were talking for a bit and I am on the couch watching tv. By 4pm I was out and didnt get up until 7:50pm. He went to the FRG meeting with Tyler and let me sleep. God bless that man!!!
So by the time I woke up I was wired. That napped really rejuvenated me. I think it was because I slept on the couch and was just soo comfortable. So by the time I got up at 8 I was starving. I ate, Scotty gave Tyler a bath and put him to sleep. I layed in bed at 11 thinking I was going to go right to sleep. Didnt happen. I didnt end up falling asleep until 2am. So this morning when Scotty left for work and Tyler got up at 6 am I knew he was up and I was half concious but couldnt get up.
Well I wake up to Scotty screaming at Tyler what seems like 5minutes later. When in reality is actually 2 hrs later.8 am. I am half wake and go see what the whole commotion is. Well my son managed to dump the dogs bowl out. Climb in the dishwasher and get his cereal off the counter and pour in the dogs bowl. He also took the batteries off the controller and put inside the dishwasher. He found some jolly ranchers and ate like 4 or 5. I am sure he ate some paper also. He also took the dirty plates off the the dishwasher and put inside the cabinet with the pots and pans (note to self..Alwyas run the dishwasher before bed). He also found time to take my cellphone off my nighstand, throw the phone under my bed and put the battery and the cover inside Scottys nightstand. In between all that he also ate some of his toothpaste and pulled the toilet paper out. Needless to say he got a very nice spanking and got put on time out. It was hard for me to keep a straight face. I mean in the middle of soo much insanity all I wanted to do was laugh. So Scotty has decided he is going to buy those doorknob things to put in Tylers room because its not safe for him to walk around anymore. And it helped us in deciding we need a breka from him. I am starting to feel bad that I am actually excited he will spend a couple months with my mom but what can I say. He is a lot to handle.

So if my day had ended at that time I would have been glad. Nope. It only got worse from there.
Some days I do have to wonder if I was really the monster child my parents say I was adn this is all payback. If it is I cant imagine how my grandkids will be!!!!


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