Friday, July 18, 2008


July 16th...

I was on the phone with Shae today and usually I read my horoscope while on the phone with her because she always asks me to read hers. She half arse believes in it but ohh yeahh. She indulges me and I indulge her.
Well this is what my horoscope said " Cance :Wednesday, Jul 16th, 2008 -- Although you may want to spend some time alone today, a close friend or partner might come to you with a serious proposition. It's doubly difficult to say "no" when you realize that your involvement can make an important difference to someone you love. Naturally, you should consider doing whatever you can for others, but don't forget to also take care of yourself"
So jokingly (is that even a word??) I ask her what kind of proposition she has for me. She tells me none yet and if anything comes up she will let me know. We bullchite for another 10 minutes or so then my father is calling in. I hang up with her to go see what he wants. Usually when I pick up the phoen with my father his first words is .."Dont you have a father""" He always whines I dont call him but yet he is the one that barerlly calls me. Anyways veering completetly off track..Okay so I pick up the phone and his first words is "I have a proposition for you". I almost dropped the farking phone. Talk about being spooked. I tell him that is what my horoscope says and he gets on me about believiyng in that crap but gets to the point.
HE will pay for me and Tyler to go to Brazil so the greatgrandparents can meet Ty and I can leave Tyler with my mom for a couple of months so she wont be so lonely, I will get the break and be able to PCS in peace. WoW. A lot to digest. I tell him I have to talk to Scotty and will get back to him.
Its a great deal. I mean not flying 10 hrs across continents with a 22 month old but everything else rocks. So Scotty and I talk and we decide its a good deal. We need a break from Tyler, the greatgrandparents are not getting older and my mom is really hurting that she misses him soo much. The break will be very welcomed. I think it was easy to make the decision because its my mom. If I trust anyone with kids is her. The fact that she raised me into a decent human being and dint kill me or eat me before says a lot about her parenting skills. ANyone that can do that got a 10 in my book.
So I ring my dad back and tells him okay but under 1 condition..He will deal with immgiration. I dont want to deal with that crap because right now they are in my shit list. He tells me no need because neither Tyler or myself need a Visa and we got both passports so all I need is a letter from Scotty authorizing me to fly out of country with his kid. A lot easier said than done if I didnt constantly fark with him and tell him I am going to steal his kid and he will never see us again. I know I know btu I cant help myself. Messing with him is too easy.
If my life wasnt complicated enough now I have all this to deal with. The month of August will be hell and a half but then after Tyler i there and I come back I will be able to sleep until noon and dance around in my pjs all day long. I will de able to do all my craft projects, have enough time to read my books, work on my picture album and my cookbooks and just chill. So yeahh I am excited about the end result just not the how to get there.
I hope things will work itself out with minimu possible stress. Pray for me that I dont loose my sanity during this :)


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