Saturday, May 2, 2009

Citzenship here I come :)

Where the hell have I been??

Ohh that is right. Potty training Tyler, Playing counselor for my parents, fighting with my husband, studying for my citzenship test and daydreaming about winning the NC powerball :)

Lets start slowly.
Tylers potty training has been good. He will twinkle here and there but has been doing amazing and only pooping in the toilet. Thank you Lord. I was tired of cleaning dirty undies. I still have to change his sheets about twice to 3 times a wk for him peeing on them, but Scotty decided to remove his pull ups from naps and nighttime. Pull up free for about a wk now and I am doing more laundry. Ohh well. One day he will stop right?

My parents have had a really rough patch. I seriously thought after 28 years of marriage they were going to get divorced. He moved out and slept in his company for a week because they couldnt even be in the same house and be civil to each other. I of course got dragged into it and had to play mediator. No I dont like it, but its kind of impossible not to. Its only the 3 of us here. We have no family here and I am an only child. Its our job to help each other out through the good and the bad. The bad was that their sex life came up in the converssation..barf. How can I go 28 yr without hearing about their sex life and then finally have to go through that ? Ughh!!!!!! Add 10 more years of therapy and maybe I will be normal again.
But after 1 week of talking to her for a couple hours, then talking to him, then back to her then him and so forth for over a week and many minutes, I finally got them to see each others issues. You would think they speak 2 different languages because they have a serious communication issue. I am emotionally drained from all that but extremelly happy that he finally moved back and she is willing to listen more and they are willing to go to counseling. I think its major because what they say ? "You cant teach old dogs new tricks" Well they are defying that. I am so happy for them. I mean who the hell throws away 28 years? Heck you put up with it for that long, you better fight tooth and nail until the end right? 28 years is a big deal. They cant seem to see that. But all is well for now.

My husband on the other hand is driving me insane. I think we are going through the 7 year hump. Oct we will have our 7th wedding aniverssary and I want to kill him latetly. He hasnt been helping me out at all. I dont ask much from him but I do ask for the basic. You see something on the floor pick it up. You dont want to do absolutly nothing? FINE. BUT DONT FUCKING MAKE A MESS ON WHAT I CLEANED. That pisses me off to no end. He is really dropping the ball and I am getting tired of it. We are supossed to be working towards our future. We got two beautiful kids, a good income, health insurance, health, a lot more than others have. We should not be fighting over petty shit. But alas we are. I dont know where we will end up. He doenst want to go back to counseling and my patience is wearing thin. We will see what happens to us.

Now for the title of this blog. I applied for my citzenship in jan of 2008. If it wasnt for me being able to legalize my parents, I really wouldnt have not dealt with USCIS now. But they need it so I am doing it for them. I applied and after moving and the process getting delayed and having to transfer and fight with so many people I finally got my appointment for monday. If I pass the test, I can swear in and I am officially a citzen. I seriouslly cant believe it. It hasnt sunken in yet. Funny that end of may will be our 15th aniverssary of living here. I cant believe it has taken that long but that will finally be done. I am excited and for that I am studying a ton. The questions are not easy. Half of them my friends dont even know it. Not shocking since half of my friends are always calling me and asking me how to spell something or something about history or goverment or my favorite one..Geography. Makes me feel good. So send some vibes that I retain all this info until monday :)

Ju is doing really good. She is smiling a lot more, eating and just being a pleasant child. Tyler wasnt a pleasant child at all, so this is very welcoming (is that even a word??). Her eye appointment is on Tuesday and I am so scared. I dont like to admit it, but I am. I just want to know and hopefully he will be able to tell me something to do, because just sitting by and watching is driving me nuts. Give me a game plan, give me something, but dont leave me in the dark or I go nuts.

As for the powerball it rolled again.77 million dollars. Can you imagine it?? Granted take home is only about 45 mil but still. 45 mil wow!!!. That cant buy hapiness but it sure can buy a ton of spa days and I can do with that :)

*** I will leave you with a couple of pictures :)


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