Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ohhh I am freaking nuts....

Hello everyone,

I will explain my crazy decision and you will all say dont do it, but I need to. Its the only out of things.
So here is the deal, we have about 8k in cc debt. That is without including the Star. I cant believe I just told the world, but hence the whole blogging and accountability and etc. I doubt I will be winning the lotto anytime soon, even though I dream about it and this debt if affecting our life, our marriage and our health. We have to get out of it and for that to happen more money needs to come in. Even with both of us donating, we still cant seem to catch up. I been trying like nuts for a month to find a job (I have to make enough to afford childcare for 2) and I have had no luck. So we have a couple other options. 1 option would be to move out of base into a 1/1 apt off post in a crappy area. With rent around $490 plus electricity, it will take us about 6 months or longer to get out of this debt since BAH just went up. Well living in a 1/1 with 2 kids doesnt seem feasible. Dh nixed that idea. To go to a 2/2 will take even longer. Closer to a year. Because a 2/2 will cost around $550 plus everything else and it will give us more space, Tyler having his own room works, Juliet staying in a room with us is no problem at all. So a 2/2 could work, but it will take longer and since the areas that have apts are not that great, I dont think we want to do that because of safety. Saving a couple hundred $$$$s a month is amazing, but not risking our lives over. KWIM? If risking our lives wouldnt matter, we would be drug mules or (just joking)

So we come to our next option. We put everything in storage, dh moves in with a friend of his and the kids and I go live with mommy and daddy. Rent free and only paying for storage unit and helping out, would easilly get us out of debt in 4 months or so. That is the better option because we wouldnt have to worry about being safe or not in a area and my parents would love to have the kids around and etc. I think it woul take 5 months or a bit more to get out of the cc debt. But since we have income tax coming around next year (yeahh I hate to think about that and the fact we will need it) will get us out of the rest of the debt. So even if we dont pay everything off but the majority of it and pay the rest with income tax, by beginning of next year we will have been debt free and that makes me a lot happy and the rest I will just have to suck it up and deal with it. I mean it wont be easy, I lived with my parents when scotty was deployed last time, and it was rough. They are very opniated when it comes to the kids and everything else. How to raise them, what to feed and etc. They do have their best interest in heart, its just that they were raised differently and does things a lot different than here. The majority of the tips they give me are wonderful and etc, but its not easy to swallow and pretty much give complete control. And for us to live in the same house and for things to work, I have to pretty much nod and agree to almost everything. Since I need this badly, I think I can handle that.
I am just feeling kind of crappy that we screwed up and now have to take this huge step back to fix it. But hey at least we are trying right and working for it. So I got lower my pride and do this. I know it wont be easy and etc, but in the long run it will be better and since life its not about today or tomorrow only, its about the far future, I feel like we are making the right decision.

We did find out that for the on post housing the first year is like a lease. You have to stay here for 1 year before you can break the lease. After the 1 year you can move out anytime without penalties. So our year would be up in Oct and only then would I be able to leave and go leave with my parents. We wanted to move there in Aug so by Dec it was done and we were back home as a family, but now we cant until Oct. So that puts a small set back and we will see but it gives us time to think and etc about this idea.
So lets see what happens.
Wish me luck. And any advice anyone have please throw it my way. I am more willingly to listen to anything. I mean we are so sick and tired of finances ruling everything in our life from our hapiness to how many kids we can have, that we had enough and want to take major action to change things.
I have thought about this a lot, and I cant come up with any other decision. I have weight the pros and cons of them all and this is the best one I could come up with. Not the one with no cons, but the one with less cons. If you are reading this with a clear head, and can point me in a better direction, please do so. I am all ears :)

Thanks for listening to my sob story


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Anonymous said...

Look up Oakdale apts. We lived there back in 04-05 when we were stationed at Bragg. We liked it there. The rental manager is great, and the all the neighbors I met were very nice plus it was very quiet there. We lived in a 2 bedroom townhouse type apartment it was only 500 or so a month with cable and water included.

Take care,