Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess pirate...

My princess got her pirate patch. It came in today and I really like. The material is really soft and the print its adorable. I like all about it. The only thing is the elastic is kind of long so we have to tie on the back, but that will grow with her so that is great. The elastic does leave a little mark but no worse than any handband so that is great. I also ordered today some patches that are supossed to have a very light glue and wont irritate her skin at all so we will see.

Asides from getting her used to the patch, I have been trying to track Scottys engine all day. He ordered over a wk ago and since the company is using a freight company to ship it, I had to call both places. Finally they got their act together and it should be here by Thursday. I really hope so. Wonderful hubby has been driving me insane about this.
Well while tracking this stupid engine, the mailman delivered my mail and I got my gift from a spring exchange we did on a website I belong to.
I am so excited with all I got. The candy is soo good and the glass is just gorgeous. I think the seeds will be my first attempt at planting something. I hope I dont kill it like I kill everything

Well that is life for today. I will try to update this often.


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