Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Half good news....

Here is what happened at Ju's appointment :
Okay so I took JuJu in yesterday and the news are good and scary at the same time. She can see. She has plenty of vision and that took a huge weight off my shoulders. Everything we can deal with so thank you for the prayers and vibes.
She pretty much has the same issues as dh. Her left eye is lazy just like his. Also she needs glasses and to wear an eye patch on her right to strenghten her left.
The glasses her rx right now is +3.5 on her right and +4.5 on her left. She has to wear a patch on her right eye. The patch has some rough glue on it because its for kids not for babies with soft skin.He say try it out if it gives her an allergy, I might have to make one with an elastic band or something.

Now for the scary news..90% sure that she will need surgery. She has something called Exotropia which is : "Exotropia -- a common type of strabismus -- is the outward deviation of an eye (away from the nose). The deviation or eye turn may occur while fixating (looking at) distance objects, near objects or both.". He said that is adding to her vision problems because her eyes are out of aligment. Like when people look to the right, their right away move very far away from the nose, and the left eye should move in really close to their nose. Hers is not doing that.
He said there is a possibility the patch and the glasses might help it, but he doesnt think it will be enough. They wait to do surgery when they are about 1 or so because they are stronger and able to handle anesthisia(sp) better and etc. So for now use the glasses and the patch and pray. But most likelly the surgery will be necessary. It will be somewhere in Raleigh. I cant remember the name, but he said it sounds scary and it is with any surgery but that its good and they have a good success rate. For her lazy eye, that goes until they are about 9 years old. So we have plenty of years to mess with it and correct as much as possible.
He wants to be seeing her every 2 months to keep tabs on her and see how she is progressing.
He did say that this exotropia can be a sign of slow development, but from seeing her, she is absolutly fine. He said to just keep an eye on her that she hits her milestones and etc, but not to worry at all because he is not. He said its not neurological issue or anything like that. She can see plenty (she was getting mad after her eyes were dialated and he kept shinning the light on them).
So that took a huge weight off my shoulders. She can see and she will be fine. Ohh well that she needs to wear glasses and a patch. Even surgery is not freaking me out as much as the prospect of her having no vision did.
So I am pretty content. Ohh and the fact that she is not following yet, she is with the bright light and her eyes dialated. So he said to give her a couple more weeks because its still developing and she is a bit

Love A

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