Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So yesterday afternoon sucked balls. The drops that they gave JuJu to dialate her eyes, went in her sinus cavity (when you are older it doesnt really do that but when you are young it does..) and it made her sick all afternoon. She spit up a ton and was extremelly mad because she was hungry but I guess the taste was nasty. On top of it I had a huge migraine (3rd of the week. I seriouslly need to go to the doctor). So that was a trying day.

Today I decided to start patching her eye. Well she was all over the place and then kept spitting up.Scotty said its normal because when he closes his good eye and cant see out of his left, he feels extremelly dizzy and it throws his whole balance off. So if Scotty a big boy feels like that,imagines a tiny baby. So I do hope she gets used to it because she has to wear.
On top of it all the patch they gave us left a huge red mark on her face. The glue is too strong so its irritating her skin. So I am on the market for new patches. I did order one pirate style that you can reuse and its held with a string just like a pirate. I hope it will be small enough for her.
I am now waiting on a friend to tell me where to buy patches with less adhesive that wont irritate her skin.

As for her glasses I cant find anywhere right now that makes them. The lenses is not the problem, the problem is the frames. We need one that goes around her face with the elastic band, and from what the lady told me only 2 companies make it and she was going to try to call them and call me back.

Just one thing on top of the other is pilling up. I so wished this process became easier. I know she is not the first child to need all this stuff so where the hell is the market for this??

I need to find another mom with a kid with the same issues and go from there. Maybe I should put an ad on craigslist :)


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