Sunday, October 23, 2011

Air show.

Saturday was a packed day. First we got some breakfast then went to yard sales, which was a bust, took the kids to get haircuts which came out great then headed to the Air show.

The Air show was a first for both of us so we were excited. I personally was a bit disappointed. It was extremely hot like high 80's and of course dry. I need some breeze and some humidity and there is none of that. Also it was extremely expensive. $3.50 for a bottle of water, seriously? and they had some fair rides for the kids. A lot of them and they were pricey too like $6 per ride. I didn't like that on top of the fact inside one of the bouncy castles this kid kicked my daughter in the face and she ended up with a bloody nose. All that left a little bitter taste in my mouth.

The show itself was pretty neat, the beer was cold and delicious, the crowds were polite, I guess all in all a good entertaining day but if I never go to another one again, I wont shed a tear. Oh well!!

The cool thing is one of the pilots took the local news guy up in one of the planes while doing the stunts. The news guy passed out twice, when we came back he was so palid, I felt for him. I guess going 900 miles an hour, upside down, sideways and in loops will do that to you ;)

Nothing too crazy on his hair this time. Only a trim

When you have 0 humidity, you need the help of an all natural gel to help you get your curls back.

No more bangs in my eyes makes mommy one happy person!

That made me nauseous just looking at it.

Yeahh enjoy that hot dog, you better eat every single crumble because it will be most expensive hot dog you will ever eat in your

Love A

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