Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's do this thing...

Once you haven't a real vacation that doesn't involve visiting family in 9 years, only one is not enough, you need two and considering not every year I throw huge birthday parties for my children, this year my son was due for a big celebration. Instead of spending hundreds on a birthday party, we did cupcakes at school, a cake for family, only one kick ass gift, and decided to take them on a trip. In comes our second vacation. Family tagged along which is fine by me, but we didn't go to visit anyone and that is what I was in need off.

Early friday morning we packed up and drove 3 hours north to Sea World in Orlando. We stayed at Coco Key Resort. I had never heard of this hotel before but while booking online our sea world trip, I saw it as a option and researched it. OMG this place is amazing. I will stay there from now on anytime I go up to Orlando. It's right on International Drive and if you are familiar with Orlando/Kissime, this is the place where everything is. You got Disney, Sea World, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, Wet n Wild, and every restaurant and attractions like Go Carts, Medieval Time dinner, Pirate dinner, bungee jumping you name it. Its right around there and this hotel is smacked dab in the middle less than 1 mile from Sea World. The amazing this about this place is that its not expensive at all.

I don't like talking about money and how much I paid for things, but I am going to just to give you guys an idea. For the hotel to check in on Friday and check out Sunday, 3 Sea World tickets and the food plan it was all $382. Just in tickets it would have cost us $201 if we bought at the door (Adults $82 each, Children 3-9 $32 and JU Free) plus we got an all day dining pass. So the Hotel was about $190 for 3 days so around $63 a night. That to me was amazing. Sure you can get side of the road hotel for $29.99 and usually I don't care. They are all the same but not this. There is a covered area with a kiddie pool that doesn't go deeper than 3feet with all kinds of slides, water toys and etc. Then there is another pool with slide for older kids that goes 5ft. Then there is a huge area with just slides and buckets and guns then there is 3 major slides for the bigger kids, then there is a bar with decent pina coladas, a huge acarde, and a big area that sells either hot dogs and burgers or pizza or you can get the sit down buffet. For kids this place is the place to go. You get to play in the water park all day if you got a room and if not you can pay the daily rate and play in the water park. We played in this water park from the time we checked in at 11am until 6pm. The kids had an amazing time. It truly was wonderful and the rooms are very nice too. All the amenities you could possibly want.
So if you ever going up to Disney or the area stay there. Your kids will love you.

Sea World was great. The Blue Horizons show with the dolphins and the aerialist and the Shamu show was very enjoyable. The roller coasters were kick ass. Tyler only got to ride in one. There is also a huge kid area with all kinds of rides for kids. The attractions were great. Dolphins, manatees, penguins, polar bears, sting rays, crocodiles, and etc. Also because of halloween the kids could get bags and trick or treat. Added bonus. Ju enjoyed but Tyler had the time of his life. I think its a vacation he will remember for a long long time. I am not a fan of taking kids to Disney this young, while there is something that caters to them, a lot of rides they cant ride, but this was perfect option. Also at this time of the year its hot but not nasty hot, so we lucked out.
Its a lot of walking but a lot of fun. It was our first time there and we will be going back many many more times.

The only thing I regret is buying the dining pass. I did it in Atlantis and regret it, and regret it this one too. The places are not marked where you can eat, and its not that much cheaper anyways so as a tip don't buy the dining pass, just eat wherever you want when you get there, that way it gives you more freedom. That is my only complain oh and the fact my husband did not agree to me bringing a penguin, dolphin or whale home. Party Pooper!!!

Anything else was better than I could have imagined and I highly recommend it.

View from our room. I told you this hotel was awesome

Much love

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Our Traveling Circus said...

What an awesome family trip! Sea World is such a fun place for kids, and that hotel pool looks awesome! Man I miss the USA! :)