Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween through the years

I love seeing how much my kids have changed and grown and since dh, who is a technical genius, was able to rescue my pictures from my old laptop that took a dump, and throw it on my new one, I have every single picture available since he joined some 6 years ago. Oh yeah we will be taking a lot of trips down memory lane in the upcoming posts. Nostalgia to the max ;)

Oh and I am proud of myself 6 years of relationship, 2 kids, countless trips, moves, vacations, trips to the zoo and etc and I only have 3k pictures. Not bad hun?? That is only 500 pictures a year people that have captured the most precious and special moments. I think I am doing great, dh thinks I am insane. Who asked him anyways??

Anyways here we go:

Oct 2006, FL

Ds was 1 month old and we were in Fl with my parents. Dh had just deployed a month before ds was born, and came home when he was 1 wk old and then left again mid Oct. This was the beginning of the year we would not see each other. My mother bought ds this costume against my wish. I don't like anything Tiger or Pooh for clothing or decorations like the million of parents that do. Sorry!! (see that is what I mean about pictures. One picture will bring up so many emotions)

OCt 2007, Fort Hood, Texas

Dh had just gotten home, we celebrated ds's 1st birthday,was planning a trip, a move and etc and with all the excitement I forgot to buy a costume. 2 days before halloween dh went out and came back with this one.

Oct 2008 Ft Bragg, NC

This year ds was a chicken. Don't ever let your husband pick out the halloween costume. He will come up with the most strange one possible. Never on my own would I have dressed Ty up as a chicken, but considering I was 79999 months pregnant and wasn't feeling like celebrating anything that year, the task fell on dh. Never again ;)

Oct 2009, Ft Bragg, NC

This halloween we had welcomed Juliet into the family back in February. We were still in Ft Bragg, Nc. Ds was in love with Oswald and therefore an amazing talented online friend made his costume for me and dd I found it online by accident. This year goes down in memory as the halloween Ally spent an insane amount of money in costumes. You don't even want to know how much his homemade costume and hers cost me. Oh well they look adorable and its all that matters right?? lol

Oct 2010, FL

(can't figure out how to turn them. Tilt your head ;) )

This year I wanted to do have them match and considering ds was voicing his opinion on what he wanted to wear more often, I decided to do it while I had the chance. We were back in Fl while dh had just started his first civillian contracting gig in Afghan. Another holiday alone.

And finally Oct 2011, El paso, TX.

Tyler picked his costume, which is also the theme for his past 5th birthday, his sheets he begged me to buy, the movie we watch very often and etc...
Juliet was a costume I came across and fell in love with.

Much Love

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