Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where has the time gone???

"The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life." unknown

It seems like yesterday we started on this journey. A lot of people say 9 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things, I personally think 9 years is huge and I will gladly take it and celebrate it. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, we sometimes are mean to each other, but at the end of the day we only want to see each happiness more than our own and I think that is why we are happy. Not all the time, I don't know if its possible. I joke that: "I love you always, but liking you comes and goes"

So here is a list, just to make everyone have a toothache, of the reasons I love my husband:

1. He tells me I am beautiful and loves me for me at least once a day and at least once a day I tell him his insane but that hasn't stopped him. Somehow he is winning because my self esteem is a lot higher than when we first met.

2. He will let me sleep in without a problem and bring me breakfast in bed. It's the way to my heart and he knows the road like the back of his hand ;)

3. I come up with some crazy idea; like buying a tiny tea cup pig and he will support me. I could say I want to buy a whale and have it sleep in our bed and he will say: 'as long as you got the logistics taken care of, go for it". He has given me so much freedom so I can grow and become who I am, even though if that is slightly insane ;)

4. He is an amazing father. He is hands on, changes diapers from the beginning, cleans up puke, does it all. No joke he would make a great mother if he wasn't a wonderful father. He will roll around on the floor with them, act silly and have a blast doing it.

5. When he is home, he is in charge of bath time, he took on this task because he knows that is one of the few tasks of parenthood I dont like it.

6. He has no idea how much we get paid, and as long as I tell him its enough to pay the bills, he is happy. I haven't worked in 6 years and if I ever thought of getting a job, it was never because of him. He supports me in staying home with the kids and if I go out today and buy a coach purse, he won't care.

7. At 11:30 at night I say I am craving a Brazilian dessert that is a 30 minute drive, he will turn to me and say "have you been reading my mind? where is my keys?"

8. Anytime of the day, no matter if its after he has worked a good 8-10 hours and is exhausted and I tell him I need a break from the kids and from it all, he will turn to them and say "let's go help daddy and the grocery store".

9. He is hilarious. He has a great sense of humor. He can easily make me have tears rolling down my eyes from laughing so hard I will snort. We have so many inside jokes and there isn't a day that goes by, that I won't remember something he did and burst out laughing all alone and later when I tell him he will think its awesome.

9 down and a million to go. I love you with all my heart babe xoxoxoxo


Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Katrina said...

Awww, so sweet! Happy Anniversary! Nine years is quite an accomplishment! Especially these days when it seems people take marriage so lightly. My husband and I just celebrated our 19th in September :)