Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinterest to the rescue again..

This week I have cooked my way through pinterest a lot. I have found some keepers and some losers. Some brought smiles to everyones face and other recipes will never grace the kitchen again. I haven't only cooked with the help of Pinterest, I have also decorated, did this and that, but that is for another day.

So lets start,

Banana cake with vanilla bean frosting

This pretty was delicious and its definitely going in the recipe books. We all love bananas a lot. Its not unusual to go through 2-3 lbs of bananas a week. The kids are always walking through the kitchen and grabbing some. Dh will eat one right before lunch, then there is banana smoothies, banana breads and banana everything. Funny story about this cake : when dd woke up from her nap, I gave her a piece and then went outside to smoke. I come back inside with her inside my fridge and her mouth and hands full of cake. Also the beautiful frosting had horrible nail marks.
Caught you in the act!!!
Nice real nice. A zombie would have done less damage ;)

Next up came this breakfast casserole :

It wasn't that good :(. I don't know if I screwed up, which is kind of hard to do since its so simple, or what. But no bueno and bummer because we love breakfast for dinner and are always looking for new recipes.

This chicken cordon bleu :

was next. It was good but not as good as regular in the oven original chicken bleu. Somethings you just cant rush!

Then today came the spider cupcakes :

These came out wonderfully good. I actually killed 2 pinterest with one stone. I used this method :

with some cake box. I am working on these green sweet potato fillings for empanadas tomorrow. Its my first attempt at a homemade pie crust and things are not going that great, so I didn't want to make cake from scratch. Also I wanted to see if just a box of cake and a can of pumpkin puree would really work. Well it did. I am glad I did and found out because now I will keep that in mind anytime I use it again and want to make it healthier. I mean no eggs, no oil and pumpkin instead is healthier right even if its cake box.

This week the hubby will leave for his first tdy. There won't be much cooking done. Just back to the normal basic stuff for the children. Maybe then I can work on the million and one pins I have for holiday/home decoration.

much love

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