Monday, October 24, 2011

Too much tv

We are boring folks around here. We lead very boring lifes and I love it. No drama no issues.

After the kids goes to bed one of our favorite pastimes is to watch tv shows. We never watch them while they are on tv because we are very impatient and get so into it, waiting until next week to find out who killed who is too stressful. Instant gratification all the way (Except for House. Every monday night we are watching House. An episode of House never leaves you hanging so that is okay)

We just wait until the seasons come out on dvd and either download, stream it from netflix or rent it. Every night after the kids are in bed, you will find us in the couch, cuddling up to watch a new episode of whatever tv show we are hooked on at the moment. Don't feel bad for us, sometimes we play cards and drink beer to keep things fresh and exciting ;)

Anyways, a deployment throws a wrench on things and one of the major cons of having a husband deployed is that you end up watching tv shows and movies without them. Life can't stop, and if your husband is lucky enough to be deployed to a calm place, he will have loads of downtime to catch up on movies and shows.

Through the deployment we will coordinate what each other is watching. He will mention a new tv show and if it doesn't sound too appealing to me, I tell him to just watch it, if I like it enough, that is what nap time is for. Since he knows me so well, he will tell me if its worth it or not to watch it. So far he hasn't steered me wrong. Well except with Dexter. I can't stand it and he loves it and thinks I just need to give it a whole season. No way jose.

Movies we will just watch whatever whenever, and when he gets home I will mention the ones I think he has to watch and he will mention some to me. Although in the beginning is a pain trying to see who saw what who needs to see what. Total pain I tell you.

Our current tv show is "Sons of Anarchy". A friend mentioned and it piqued my curiosity. I mentioned to dh while he was deployed and we decided to wait and see it together because it seems like something we will both enjoy.

So while he was deployed he watched the rest of 1.Dexter, 2. Entourage and 3.Supernatural . Dexter I don't care for like I mentioned before, Entourage might be something I end up watching during naptime but I doubt it. The same goes for Supernatural. He thinks I will love it because of my obsession with teen vampire books. I doubt it.

I watched 1.Criminal Minds. Too depressing for him.
2.Army wives. He won't be caught dead watching it and
3.16 and pregnant and Teen mom. He can't understand my obsession with this much trash. I think he is too uptight ;)

Now that he is home we started watching Sons of Anarchy and I must say we are hooked. Friday night yield a 4 am bedtime because we just had to see another episode. Its about a motorcycle club in Cali and its an adult soap opera. Very interesting never boring and just hilarious. Watch it and you wont be disappointed.

After we are all caught up on this, we will watch the last few seasons of Weeds that we left off before deployment, Desperate Housewives and Tru Blood. Never seen it and we both want to check it out.

He also mentioned Spartacus. So we might pick that up. Aren't you just jealous of our exciting life ;)

So is there any tv shows you guys are hooked on with your partners?? Anything you think I need to see because its just that awesome??

Love A


Lisa said...

I just got into American Horror Story. OMG I love it.

Jen said...

OMG, we also love "sons". Since we only have Netflix here we just stumbled upon season 1, and now we are on season 4! I think Jax is pretty hot, too ;)