Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Mexico

What do you do when you are: in a house waiting for HHG's with 2 children and one very small tv?? You find something to do.

Sunday morning I hopped on the computer and started searching for things to do with the kids. I came across this pumpkin patch that is highly rated and since we haven't done the pumpkin patch this year yet, that became our destination. We packed everyone up with lots of layers that are ready to be ripped off (you see here at 7am its low 50's by noon its high 80's low 90's) so you need to wear easily removable layers, lots of water and got on the road.

While driving we figured out this is our 5th pumpkin patch in 5 years none in the same place as the other. Pretty crazy hun??

The drive there wasn't bad. There is a curve the highway makes, that puts you right next to Ciudade Juarez,Mexico and you can see the adobe made homes on top of the hills just like the slums in Rio. I am very mad we can't visit. The violence there is too great, maybe later on.

Then there is hundreds of cow farms. I hope its for milk only ;) The smell is horrible so windows closed all the way.

"MOOOO" (also I learned my husband can eerily correctly imitate a cow's moo. Oh the things you learn after 9 years of marriage ;) )

There is mountains and still a lot of empty land. To everyone this might seem normal, to us that come from S Florida that you don't see 1 acre of empty land, its odd, then less than 1 hour later we had crossed into New Mexico and headed to the town of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

This was one of the best pumpkin patches we have gone too. There was so much to do for the kids, some delicious local stuff like the delicious pumpkin butter that is currently in my fridge, hay rides, tyke rides, water areas, big slides. Just a fun place. Everyone is extremely friendly and we had a good ol time.

By lunchtime we left and decided to drive around to check out the town. Its a small town and very rural but really cute. Most of the houses are like this :

with these flat roofs. So different.

While driving around we were all hungry so I hopped on my phone and did a search for best place to eat in Las Cruces (can I just say how much I love technology??) and came across this review from a guy that have lived there for 4 years. He rated Bosa Donuts his top place to eat because of their delicious brisket burrito. There was nothing else to say about it, we punched in the GPS and headed there.

Its a hole in the wall with pain chips falling off the wall, the menu is very small. Only a variety of donuts, a variety of breakfast and lunch burritos and some old school style bottles of soda. It was packed. We ordered the brisket burritos (dh's with chili, mine without) and some beans and cheese burritos for the kids and braced ourselves. It was dirt cheap but the best burrito I have had in my life. Its so simple: beef brisket and coleslaw in a flour tortilla, but it was so so good. I know I said the same thing the first time I had Chipotle and the same thing when I had Taco Cabana after arriving here, but seriously this tops the cake. I told dh he will drive 1 hr very often just so I can have this burrito again. So if you are ever in Las Cruces eat there. You won't be sorry!

We all loved our food and can't wait to go back. So thank you technology and thank you stranger on the wolrd wide web for recommending it to us. After driving around some more through the downtown district we headed home very happy that we now know an amazing burrito place and that even though we still don't have furniture, we have kick ass pumpkins and delicious pumpkin butter.

Its the little things people ;)

Next week will take us to the Airshow. The first for all of us and I can't wait. If there is anything to say about this place is that you are only bored if you want to. I don't know if its because end of the year festivities or what but there is a ton to do.

Much love A


Sarah said...

So glad you already made it to my neck of the woods.. I love Las Cruces.

Funny that you called it a 'small town' since it's the second largest in this whole state! (5th largest state too) I know what you mean though since I grew up in a much larger city. Shows you truly how much open land there is here. Too bad it's late in the season, if you drive another hour from Las Cruces you could have taken the kids to the huge lakes we have here in NM. Elephant Butte or Caballo (we usually visit Caballo).

We almost went to the pumpkin patch today! That would have been crazy to run into you. You were only a mile from my home, crazy. Glad you had a good time and some great food. We do have some amazing Mexican food as well as all the big 'chains'.

Have you checked out the outlet mall yet? Coming from El Paso towards Cruces you have to pass it. It's at the crossroads of Transmountain and you could spend days in there.

Hope you're enjoying your time here a bit more...

Sarah said...

Oh and yes those farms are dairy farms. That area of NM provides I think 35% of all the milk in the SW.

There are a lot of ranches here too (beef) but they are open range and the cows aren't so smashed together.

Ally said...

OMG I had no clue how close you were. We so need to set up a get together. As soon as we are more normal and settle we will do it and yeah I saw that outlet mall on the way back. I told dh before Christmas we so have to go. I am happy that there is a ton of things to do even though is so rural, the fact that we don't have to drive hundreds of miles to go to Target or something is a plus. So we will see. Although my sinus is still despising this place. I already got a humidifier and its not enough maybe I need Slowly we will get there ;)