Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another lazy day !!!

June 10th, 2008

Dont come visit me. You wont be able to walk through the door. There is laundry all over by the laundry room, dishes in the dishwasher, my bed is not made, dh's pts all over the bathroom floor.
Try coming in through the front door. On second thought scratch that. The shoes are not where they are supossed to be, they are all over the front door.
Ds's toys are all over the place. I really need to pick those up. Anyone that comes by will think he has a lot of toys when in reality I am a cheap bitch that buys everything on craigslist :D
Talking about craigslist, I got another great deal. We needed a whoper box for the top of the car (Scotty says its called a whoper box) I dont believe him but whatever. This lady was selling one for 20 bucks when in actuality they cost 150. I love good deals. So now we got the box and can take the 3 million things I insist on taking every time we go on vacation. What can I say? I really do need 40 pairs of underwear for a 2 week vacation. you never know what can happen and momma always told me to wear clean undies.
Anyways, back to the house mess. See I had every intention of doing housework but munster was in such a good mood that we just played all day. Tomorrow I will catch up. Heck, 3 days ago this house was spotless so this can only mean one of 2 things :

1. I am loosing my mind and my medication really needs to be adjusted or

2. Dh gets up during the night and makes a mess because deep down he is really jealous I get to stay home all day.

Lets go with number 2 because if he ever finds out how many hours I really spend in the computer he would slap me silly :)


ps..Reading "Room for Improvement"..awesome chic lit. Doesnt require a lot of thinking. just perfect for these lazy summer days

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