Sunday, June 15, 2008


So today its dh's first official father's day. Well the first one he could celebrate. The first one I was pregnant, the one after ds was born dh was deployed so this one is his first one at home. We had an amazing time. He said it so himself.
First we went to church and the service was amazing. At the end the pastor made all the fathers get up there and say a pledge to their kids. Absolutly beautiful. Then we came home ate lunch, ds napped and dh was supposed to be studying but he fell asleep.After they woke up around 3pm we decided to go to the pool. We decided to to to the pool in Harker Heights because one of my friends reccomended because that one has a kiddy pool and since ds has been so afraid of the big one and we have been soo frustrated we decided to give it a shot. It was $6 bucks to get in. Worth every penny. Ds played the whole time. Wasnt afraid at all. He splashed, ran around, kicked the water, played with other kids and even flirted. Such an amazing day. Perfect :)
I got a bunch of pictures to upload. I just want to thank all my friends for their amazing advice and wonderful ideas. If it wasnt for you guys I know things would be a lot thougher. Thank you again and Happy fathers day everyone.

Ohh and yeahh I did remember to call my dad. He was soo happy and joked that I remembered I was born and not

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