Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crazy day...

This is the munster. He has been waking up at 5:45 am. Insane hours. Nothing short of giving him some Malibu is making him sleep until later. Dh said I cant try the Malibu so I am stuck waking up at 5.45. He falls asleep during lunch though. I dont..:(
PRetty Jamaican Patties. I think they are pretty for a first time try!!! So keep your mean comments to

So last night I couldnt sleep for the life of me. I got a hold of my insomnia and I am trying to quit smoking. I am on zoloft and life is going pretty good but now of course I catch an upper respiratory tract infection. How the heck I got that I have no clue, but anyways I been weezing and coughing my lungs out for a week. I didnt give much thought to it because I just figured it was from the quitting smoking and my lungs clearing up. Nope. Last night it got bad and I kept dh up half the night finally this morning he had enough, he called and made me an appointment. We couldnt get daycare because ever since ds turned 18 months old he is in a new class. I personally think that every mother is absolutly tired of their kids and no one can handle the terrible two's, so they drop them off and have someone else deal with their little crap for a day. So no daycare meant I had to take my son to the appointment with me. Not good. Dh the wonderful husband that he is, asked his CO if he could take the afternoon off to watch ds while I went to my appointment and thank God he did. I get there she diagnoses me with that URTI and gives me a breathing treatment. I am puking my guts out half way through it because so much more junk is getting loose. She writes me a prescription for 2 antibiotics with codeine in it (I have to take that at night), a couple pills and 2 inhalers. Now I felt like a junkie walking out of there with my brown paper bag full of drugs. No I am not taking all this crap. I am just taking the antibiotics so I can sleep better. I hate all this medicine.
So after 2 hrs I get home and since i am feeling a litte better I decide I am going to bake something. A little background though up to about 4 months ago I didnt cook at all. But I promise in another post I will explain the change in me.
Anyways, dh has been asking for jamaican patties for a while. We use to pay almost 5 bucks for 2 frozen ones. Way too expensive and not worth it. I searched (my favorite website in the whole world) found a recipe for it and decided to make. They came out absolutly delicious. I tried to overstuff them but they still came out delicious. I was soo happy. So thats pretty much what we had for dinner.
After dinner dh played his carbon for a bit and then we decided to go for a car ride and get some coffee. Now just so you can understand how unpredictable we are we went out for coffee with the kid and the dog and ended up at a car dealership with the guy almost closing but finding the car we want and an appt for tomorrow to go look at it. We been talking about trading both cars in and going back to a 1 car family, but dang I didnt realize going out to get coffee caused that..but then again that is nothing different for us.
So anwyas that is enough for tonight. I am going to read my book while my hubby plays video game and tomorrow I shall be back with more.
Dont miss me too much :)

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