Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy Bee!!!!

This is OTTIS!!!!
So today was a busy busy day. It started off with me wanting to bake. I havent baked in a while since dh and I are on this diet. (he lost 5 lbs I lost 4lbs). Its a 3 days on 3 days off. So finally today I got the green light to bake. I made this rum cake that came out soo good except with a tiny little problem. I need to stop thinking !!! I was making the cake and I decided to use this old Nicaraquan rum that I had for a long time. Now this thing is so old that I didnt even know I had it. I was all set on using Malibu but looking throuhg my liquor cabinet I found that one and decided to use it. I didnt think it was strong enough so I added more. Me thinking bad!! The cake now needs a warning that if you eat it you cant drive or operate heavy machinery :P So my day started off in the right foot. Nothing like baking first thing in the morning to put me in a good mood!! The rest of the day went just fine. I cooked baked zittis for dinner and used this wonderful vodka sauce. Dh said it smelled better than his mom. That is a huuge compliment. MIL cant cook for shit but can make a baked zitti to die for. So for the past 6 yrs I been trying to top her. I was sure today I was going to do it. Nope. As soon as dh tasted and realized it was ground turkey instead of ground beef he looked at me and said.."Sorry babe yours smells better but my mommys taste better"" !!! Idiot who asked you anyways...Urghgh I was soo mad. Ohh well maybe next time. He likes everything else I cookd. One day my baked zitti will top her. I hope. So anyways, back to the car dealership we went. We got there at 4 and didnt get home until almost 8pm. The good thing though is I came home with Ottis. He is parked in my car port and I love him. We got a great deal after signing a lot of paperwork and pretty much signing our lifes away. But the good thing is we got a good deal and we love the car. Also my insurance dropped 80 bucks and we will save a ton on gas. Cant ask for more than that. Well off to bed early I am going because I am pooped. Have a great weekend everyone. ps. I am reading "Augusta Gone" in case anyone is interested. Its a memoir and I think I am going to cry before the end. :)

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