Friday, June 6, 2008

Ohhh lalala !!!

June 5th, 2008

I need to start dating this blogs because I never write the day I am supossed to. So in order to keep some kind of order I am going to date them. God I love the little things I can control!!!

So today was a great day. The morning flew by. I took some cough syrup with codeine last night to help clear up this junk and wow!! I was wired. I had more energy than Taz. Amazing. So I did laundry, dusted, cleaned my floors, put 3 loads of laundry away (I wash them on time but procrastinate to put it away) went to Target to buy some bins in order to keep my sons toys organized (i Have to add..I went to Target to buy bins and I came out of Target with only bins. I am so proud of myself. That is a record :)),put my whites to soak, put all the dishes away, changed the sheets on my bed and I even managed to fill my sons poll and read my book for about 1 hr. Whewww!! All that energy was stored from almost 1 wk of feeling crappy. I feel so much better right now.
So the munster slept for about 3 hrs. Thank God for growing
Dh was supossed to get home at 3:30 but wasnt able to leave work until 4:30. I just told him to meet me at the dealership. We got there (with ds because one of our friends flaked) and started talking to the guy. We were supossed to take it for a test drive but they couldnt jump it. I told them to just start on the paperwork and worry about that later. 2 hrs into the haggling and dealing dh's friend finally came to our rescue and took ds with him. He was going to Walmart to shop with his girlfriend and decided to be an angel and give us a break. I am going to miss him. I think I click with him so much because just like Scotty and I, he is a Cancer. Whats not to like about Cancers??
So finally at around 7 pm we came to an agreement in price. We were trading both of our vehicles in , so I was trying to get a good deal. I wanted good money for our trades, almost no down payment and I wanted him to lower the price of the car. I got everything I wanted. Almost. Only have to do 1k down. No biggie. So by this time all the banks are pretty much closed so he said he is going to call tomorrow morning and work out the deal with the banks and will call us to go finalize the papers and get the car. We could have taken the car home but he wants to send it to their shop to figure out if it needs just a jump or a new battery.
The funniest thing to me though is that living in a military town you are bound to run into people. 3 of dh's friends from his motor poll were also there buying cars. They wanted to get their cars with the same salesman we had because they either had purchased another vehicle with him or heard good things about him. One of the wives told me though to continue to dealing with him and trying to bring the price lower that he works with you. So that rocked.
It sucked having to get into our old Trailblazer and drive home but hey its all good. Tomorrow we will have a new car and I will post pictures.. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeepie. So ready to be a 1 car family again. Even though our monthly payments will probably be a bit more (we are taking some negativite equatity because we lost money in the trailblazer) we still will spend a lot less. Thats what happens when gas is almost 4 bucks a gallon.
So that is it for today. Dh is studying for the board (I dont know if he is retaining any info. He is so stressed out about passing that he is freaking out) and I am going to finish this book tonight . :)


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