Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So I am blogging now...

At the idea of my therapist I have to write on a journal to keep my thoughts in check and help me with my anxiety. Journals are so old school that I have decided to blog instead. I suck at writing and my spelling is just horrible and my thoughts are random, repetitive and I jump around. Why anyone would want to read this I have no clue but hey here we go.:)
We have so much going on at once that is just driving me insane, hence the therapist, the antidepressants and now the blogging. But that is drama for another day.
Anyways, life is going along at a pretty fast pace and I actually love it. Pretty soon we will be out of hell hole aka Texas and into beautiful North Carolina. We are Pcsing in oct and I am extremelly excited about that. I am so excited about moving and Fort Bragg was definetly a post that we wanted, but this is scaring me. I have moved more times then I can count and never once can I recall being excited about the place we were moving to. I mean I was happy when we moved here but that was only because dh was going to join the Army. I was not happy about moving to Fort Hood. Our only choices were Japan or Fort Hood. Since my parents still didnt have their citzenship I didnt want to move to Japan and never see them and I was very scared about moving overseas. Repeat with me: "IDIOT...IDIOT...IDIOT" I know, I know. Live and learn. But hey I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason so therefore here we are, almost 3 yrs later and I am finally happy to be getting out of here. We have so much to do and decide before we move but I am still excited and cant wait.
Wish me luck :)

Each day I will post what I am reading in case you want reccomendations...: "Getting Warmer" by Carol Snow is the pick of the day :)

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