Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lazy, Lazy ohh soo lazy!!

June 7th,2008

Today has been such a lazy day. We did a lot of cleaning and organizing but not nearly as much as we should have done. Hey family time matters more right??
This afternoon I got some sad news. I have 2 boxes of clothes, toys and just stuff that either munster doesnt use it or anymore or it doesnt fit him. One of dh's friend his wife is pregnant with a little girl but her neighboor is pregnant with a little boy. I told her I was going to separate the stuf and give it to her. Well today dh called his friend to see if it woudl be okay to drop the stuff off. His wife picked up the phone and told us that her neighboor had a misscariage at 6 months. When dh told me I just started bawling. It even upseted Scotty a lot. :(
I think I am going to bake her something and take it to her. I dont know. I dont know what is the right thing to do.
Well I still need to get ready of this stuff because I am trying to be as organized as possible so our move goes really smothly, so I decided to post it on craiglist for free. We have been so blessed. Munster had everything that he could possibly need and more so I always said I would pass the blessing on. I have given stuff to over 7 moms so far. So I figured why not continue. I posted on craigslist but told people that I wanted to give it to someone that trully needed. No someone that was going to turn around and sell it. Within 20 minutes I got over 50 emails. So I sorted through them all and instead of only picking 1 person, I decided to separate everything and pick 4 people. 2 of the ladies I picked their husbands just left them while they were pregnant, another one is this single soldier that got diagnosed with ovarian cancer was getting med boarded out. This will be her last child. The 4th one was this lady that left her abusive husband and she is pregnat. It felt so good. All through out the day they were coming to get the stuff and sharing their stories and pretty much making me cry. I love receiving presents. Everyone that knows me knows I love presents but I think giving makes me soo much happier.
So by 2pm it was time for me to go donate my plasma. Yes dh and I donate plasma. They are in shortage of plasma and they pay you everytime you go donate. I know some people dont agree with it but I use to donate before without getting paid so now that they pay us its just a plus. We both go and make an average of $600 bucks a month. Hey its trully helping us financially get out of credit card debt (we cut them all up and are living on a cash basis only. If we cant afford it with cash we dont buy it) so pretty soon we will get rid of this credit card debt.
Anyways this morning dh went to go donate but his blood pressure was too low so this afternoon I went. I donated got my money and came home. Dh had finished some of the housework and was hanging out with ds. We ate dinner and he left to go help his friend bleed his brakes. He explained to me what the process entails but there is no way I can repeat it..:P
And that was our boring day. I didnt cook anything special because we still had some baked zittis left over and I need to go shopping to pick up ingredients for a couple of stuff I want to make.

I am still reading the same book. And dh is still splitting his time between playing need for speed and studying.

have a good wekend everyone :)

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