Monday, September 26, 2011


On Tuesday I picked up my mil from the airport. Together we went crazy with anxiety and butterflies. We ran around cleaning and doing last minute details. I stayed up until late on Wednesday just to make my husband's beloved german chocolate cupcakes, and I also prepped everything so that I would have it ready to make his requested meal : Orange chicken. The children were bouncing off the wall, the excitement was palpable.

Thursday morning everyone woke up extremely early, we ran around like crazies, and got to the airport about 2 hours too early. It was all good. My parents met us there and we waited and waited and waited. We saw his flight land, and when he came through the gates I felt the butterflies. Homecoming was just as amazing as I remembered. I wore a dress like I said I was going to and he loved it. He hasn't seen me in one in 10 years so it was a nice surprised. We are just over the moon to have him home. Still don't know if its for good or temporary, but none of that matters. He is here and we are going to enjoy every second of it.

German chocolate cupcakes. I outdid myself. They came out absolutely amazing asides from the fact I burned my mouth with the coconut. If you would like to make some they came from HERE
The only changes I made is I swiped applesauce instead of oil, toasted the coconut, and used only half the amout of pecans it called for.

Waiting sucks..

Still waiting

Finally Together

First hugs rocks :)

Love A


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Love it! So happy for you guys.

Our Traveling Circus said...

I love homecoming pictures! You all look so happy!
Congrats on finally having him home!