Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's vacation time ;)

After the amazing emotional homecoming on thursday, friday started with a bang. I slept until 9:30 am and got woken up with breakfast in bed that included pumpkin spice latte. Yep husband is home and its time for me to relax and enjoy it. My husband is pretty good, he will wake up with the kids, take them to school, change diapers like the best of mothers around and he does it with a smile, the kids really enjoy spending time with him. He is funny so everything is more exciting unlike grumpy ol mom. Hey I spent 1 year with them 24/7, I welcome the break and the bonding time they get together.

We ate some yummy lunch, went shopping for some clothes that had absolutely no holes, sand or that horrible Afghanistan smell. That afternoon we packed everyone up and headed to my parents for some bbq. By 7pm we gave everyone lots of kisses, and said goodbye. We hoped and prayed the kids were going to be okay and that his mom was going to get along with my parents. We came home and had a good old time, then got up at 5am. and headed out to the airport. It was a small plane and after many prayers, some tears, lots of turbulence and a husband with a hand that is white as snow from me squeezing we arrived in paradise aka Paradise island, Bahamas more specifically Atlantis.

We are major water park enthusiastic. We have gone to Schlitterbahn in Texas, we had done The Rapids in Florida and many more small ones along the way, ever since I saw the first Atlantis commercial some 6 years ago, I added that to the bucket list and this past weekend we got to experience it.
We haven't taken a vacation that doesn't involve visiting family in 9 years, we were totally overdue for it. Well this place didn't disappoint. Its amazing, caters to everyones need, the customer service is superb. We played the casinos, we got our hotel room upgraded, met so many people, and found out the pina coladas were to die for. $9 a pop but worth every drop.
We indulged, we relaxed, we rode every single ride, some twice and went around the lazy river some 7 times. We didn't think about anything except each other and our love. Our 9th wedding anniversary is next month, and while in the grand scheme of things 9 years is nothing, to us is huge, so we wanted to celebrate that. We were great together and had such a good time.
Atlantis was the place to do it and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Everything was truly perfection. With my insane habit to know everything I spent over 5 hrs in the computer right before I booked reading reviews from others that have gone. That helped us really have a good time. I knew where to eat, where to avoid, what to see, at around what times, I learned so much and I will later on make a post just about Atlantis. Its expensive, extremely expensive, but there is ways around the money bleeding and if this cheap ass is telling you its worth it, believe it. I have no regret about any of the money we spent because it was well spent. If you ever want to relax and enjoy, I will highly recommend going there, its the vacation of a lifetime.

I will leave you with some pictures and later one I will write a Atlantis 101.

In front of the royal towers. Gosh we walked so much. This place is huge but so pretty

View from our hotel room. Can you tell how happy I am??

Inside the aquarium playing around

One of the rides, you go down 12 stories with a float, then it drops you into the shark tanks. You go by very slowly just admiring the hungry sharks that are only a glass away from you

So much in love :)

We spent a lot of time around this lazy river. Its not really lazy because it has waves and drops and takes you up a conveyor belt that takes you all the way up to one of the towers that has 4 adrenaline rush rides.

Dh took this picture. That is my shoulder and his leg. He is so jealous I tan and he just burns..lol

Inside the royal towers lobby. Everything is so pretty and no detail is overlooked

By the dig. The humungous aquarium they have with all kinds of species.

Riding up the conveyor belt that takes you to the top of the towers so you can go down the slides. Its a beautiful view up there

One of the slides that was over 7 stories high, dropped you in this underground pool with aquariums all around:

Can you tell how much he drank and enjoyed himself??

Yep that is the hubby coming down the leap of faith. Don't think I didn't go down. I did twice, but no one looks good in that angle so no pictures from me going down.

Inside the royal towers lobby

I have thousands more pictures but later on, when I do the Atlantis 101 post, I will post some more.

Much love


Our Traveling Circus said...

That looks like an amazing trip and a fabulous resort! So glad that you got some couple time together. Awesome!
Can't wait to see more pictures!

Sundee said...

I am way jealous! It looks like you had an awesome time!