Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Material possessions sometimes can make one smile bright!!

Yesterday, at 6pm the Fedex man knocked on my door and delivered a big box. After being bombarded with thousands of questions "What is that??" What did you get me? is that a pony??", I got down to business of opening the box and inside was my mixer. Even the kids let out a couple of "OHHS" and "AHH"S" more than if it were a pony.

I have been waiting for one for 5 years, and after my husband gifting it to me for my 30th, 3 months ago, I had to wait until it went on sale. Sometimes I am way too frugal for my own good, but that is not here nor there. I got an amazing deal at Amazon and got a cinnamon 5qt artisan with the stainless steel bowl and spent a bit more to get the glass bowl. I am so happy with it.

Isn't she so pretty?? I could stare at this picture for hours :)

Last night I needed to try it out, so after wiping it down a couple of times, caressing it some more, washing the bowls, wiping it more, kissing it, hugging it, I needed something to bake.

Now I have spent the whole weekend making cupcakes so I could find the right frosting to use on ds's birthday cake at the end of the this month. Even though I love baking, I was tired, but that didn't deter me. I hopped on allrecipes, found this recipe for muffins :


and got started.

Let me just say that this mixer is amazing. My old sunbeam I had to press a button to lift the head, the button always got stuck it caused a lot of cussing. Not the KA. There is a button that you move it forward or backwards, you can do it with one finger and lift the head with one finger. Also the paddle (just one) its so easy to take it out. The only issue I am having is how to screw the glass bowl in. I can do it but it takes me a couple of minutes to line it up. I am sure I will pick it up soon. But asides from that, it is awesome. Its so quiet, beautiful, easy, life changing really. I might have kissed it some more and hugged it again.

Best purchase in a very long time. If you have been waiting to get one, do it. You will be satisfied.

Now onto the muffins. Delicious and this will be my go to muffin recipe. I subbed apple sauce for oil, splenda for sugar, and I used yoplait strawberry yogurt because that is what I had on hand, gave it to the kids for breakfast and my son pipped up with "OMG mommy these are so good and not dry like the last ones".

Win :)

PS: What kind of attachments you guys have?? What do you recommend??

Love A.


Our Traveling Circus said...

So pretty and shiny!! It's even more awesome because you got such a great deal on it! Enjoy!

Sundee said...

So pretty! I know you have an extra bowl already, which is a must (especially when you are baking a lot and don't want to have to wash a bowl in between. A second paddle attachment is great to have too. And get the ice cream attachment and you can make homemade ice cream in no time!

Ally said...

Oh didn't even think about another paddle. Good tip and yeahh the ice cream maker is next on the list ever since I read you can make frozen yogurt with it. Thank you guys, waiting for something for so long, then getting a deal and then finding out it is magnificent, its extra special :)

sanctimomious said...

Definitely get the second bowl because its SO annoying when you have to make a two step recipe or two things at once (cake and frosting, anyone?) and having to clean bowls etc. I also want to get one of those paddles that scrapes the sides and bottom clean, because the *only* thing I don't love about my KA is that the paddle is a squidge smaller than the bowl so unmixed ingredients collect on the side.

Anyway, I have had mine for almost 3 years now and I STILL love it every day. Its a long term relationship. ;)